Solving Common Problems in The Use of Electric Scooters


When using an electric scooter, you sometimes encounter some problems, such as locking the electric scooter, the electric scooter starts but does not move,

how to lock the electric scooter, and the electric scooter charging duration.

This article will discuss these issues and provide solutions.


How to lock an electric scooter?

Locking your electric scooter is an important step in keeping your vehicle safe, especially when parked.

Here are some common locking methods:

Use a body lock: Many electric scooters come with body locks that prevent theft by locking the handlebars or wheels to a fixed object.

Make sure to choose a sturdy fixing object and secure the lock in key parts of the car body.

Use an electronic lock: Some high-end electric scooters are equipped with an electronic lock system that can be unlocked through a mobile phone app or a digital password.

This locking method is more convenient and provides greater security.

Purchase independent locks: If the electric scooter does not have a built-in lock system, you can consider purchasing independent locks,

such as U-shaped locks or chain locks, and fix them on key parts of the body and fixed objects.


Why does my electric scooter start but not move?

When an electric scooter starts but won’t move, there could be a number of reasons:

Electric Scooter Not Unlocked: Some electric scooters need to be unlocked before starting,

either by pressing a specific button or using a remote control. Make sure you have unlocked the vehicle correctly.

Insufficient battery power of the electric scooter: Insufficient battery power of the electric scooter may cause it to be unable to move normally.

Connect the charger to charge and make sure the battery is fully charged before trying to use it again.

Electric scooter controller failure: The controller is the core component that controls the operation of the electric scooter.

If the controller fails, it may cause the vehicle to be unable to move.

If the above methods are ineffective, it is recommended to contact after-sales service for maintenance.


How long does an electric scooter charge last?

The charging duration of an e-scooter depends on several factors, including battery capacity, charger power, and usage of the e-scooter.

Generally speaking, charging time is between 3 and 8 hours. Here are some tips for extending the life of your electric scooter battery:

Charge normally: Avoid using improper chargers or charging overtime to prevent the battery from overheating or overcharging, thereby extending battery life.

Avoid over-discharging: Try to avoid completely discharging the battery, as over-discharging can damage battery performance.

Charge in time when the battery power falls below a certain level.

Avoid high-temperature environments: High temperatures will accelerate the aging of the battery,

so try to avoid exposing your electric scooter to high-temperature environments, especially when charging.

Regular maintenance: Regularly check the status of the electric scooter battery and charger, clean and maintain them in time to ensure their normal operation.

By taking the proper precautions and maintenance methods, you can extend the battery life of your electric scooter and improve its performance and reliability.

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