Adult Electric Scooter, Electric scooterVT-14 48V500W Blush less Motor Electric Scooter

VT-14 48V500W Blush less Motor Electric Scooter

The VT-14 48V500W Brushless Motor Electric Scooter is an advanced personal electric transportation device. It features a powerful and high-efficiency 48V500W brushless motor, providing users with excellent performance and strong power. The brushless motor design enhances reliability and longevity while reducing maintenance and upkeep requirements.



Equipped with a high-capacity 48V lithium-ion battery, this electric scooter offers users long-lasting range. With a single charge, users can enjoy a travel distance of up to 30 kilometers, fulfilling their daily commuting and short-distance travel needs.

The VT-14 48V500W Brushless Motor Electric Scooter boasts impressive features. It comes with high-brightness LED headlights and taillights, ensuring excellent visibility and safety during nighttime rides. Additionally, it features adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat to accommodate users of different heights and preferences.

This electric scooter also incorporates regenerative braking technology, which converts braking energy into electric energy and stores it in the battery, enhancing energy efficiency and extending the range. Furthermore, it is equipped with front and rear suspension systems and durable tires for a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Overall, the VT-14 48V500W Brushless Motor Electric Scooter is a powerful, efficient, and reliable personal transportation device suitable for daily commuting, short-distance travel, and urban riding. It meets users’ expectations in terms of performance, range, and comfort, providing convenience and enjoyment.


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