Gasoline Dirt BikeDB-105 250CC Air-Cooled Water-Cooled 4 Stroke Gasoline Dirt Bike

DB-105 250CC Air-Cooled Water-Cooled 4 Stroke Gasoline Dirt Bike

The Valtinsu DB-105 250CC Air-Cooled Water-Cooled 4 Stroke Gasoline Dirt Bike is a powerful and durable off-road vehicle designed to deliver an exhilarating and fast-paced riding experience.


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Here are some key features and specifications of this dirt bike:

Displacement: The bike is equipped with a 250CC engine, providing ample power and performance for off-road adventures.
Max. Speed: The maximum speed of the dirt bike is less than 40km/h, ensuring safe and controlled riding.
Brand Name: The bike is manufactured by an OEM brand, representing its quality and reliability.
Place of Origin: The dirt bike is produced in Jiangsu, China, known for its expertise in manufacturing motorcycles.
Product Name: It is marketed as a 2 Stroke 250cc Dirt Bike Cheap Import Motorcycle, emphasizing its engine capacity and affordability.
Engine: The dirt bike is powered by a 250CC 4-stroke engine, delivering efficient performance and durability.
Transmission: It utilizes a chain drive transmission system, transferring power smoothly to the wheels.
Wheel Size: The dirt bike features 10-inch wheels, providing stability and maneuverability on various terrains.
Dirt Bike Type: It is designed as a Dirt Bike Fast Racing Motocross model, suitable for high-speed off-road racing and motocross activities.
Max Load: The dirt bike has a maximum load capacity of 160kg, accommodating riders of different sizes.
Brake System: It is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes, offering reliable stopping power for enhanced safety.
Tire Size: The bike features a 70/100-19″ front tire and a 90/100-16″ rear tire, providing excellent traction and grip on different surfaces.
Speed: The dirt bike is capable of reaching speeds up to 100km/h, allowing for thrilling and fast-paced rides.
Transmission System: It utilizes a chain drive transmission, ensuring efficient power transfer and performance.
Overall, the Valtinsu DB-105 250CC Air-Cooled Water-Cooled 4 Stroke Gasoline Dirt Bike is a powerful and capable off-road vehicle suitable for motocross racing and high-speed adventures. With its robust engine, reliable brakes, and durable construction, it offers an exciting and thrilling riding experience for off-road enthusiasts.


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