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Shansu Electric Off Road Motorcycle

The Electric Off Road Motorcycle is an all-electric mini-crosser aimed at both beginner and competitive junior riders. With zero emissions and minimal sound pollution, it takes its place at the leading edge of competitive mini-cross, and provides a real-world READY TO RACE alternative to the petrol-powered engine.
  • Shansu

  • Valtinsu

  • 72V 40AH

  • Customizable

  • 80km/h

  • 200KG

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Overview of Electric Off Road Motorcycle


The Electric Off Road Motorcycle is an all-electric mini-crosser aimed at both beginner and competitive junior riders. With zero emissions and minimal sound pollution, it takes its place at the leading edge of competitive mini-cross, and provides a real-world READY TO RACE alternative to the petrol-powered engine. Featuring high-quality components that make it significantly different from the many electric mini-cycles available on the market, the electric off road motorcycle is a fully-fledged competition motorcycle, making it more accessible to younger riders for use in areas where noise emissions are restricted.

The Advantages of Electric Off Road Motorcycle


Environmental Impact

Electric off-road motorcycles offer a significant reduction in environmental impact compared to their petrol counterparts. With zero emissions during operation, minimal noise pollution, and suitability for noise-restricted areas, these motorcycles contribute to cleaner and quieter off-road experiences. Additionally, their energy efficiency and role in shaping consumer awareness further highlight their positive environmental influence, marking a shift towards more sustainable recreational choices.

Technological Prowess

The heart of the electric off-road motorcycle lies in its cutting-edge technology. This section illuminates the advancements in battery technology, torque management, and regenerative braking systems that characterize these motorcycles. Exploring the integration of smart features, connectivity, and adaptive controls, readers will grasp how electric off-road motorcycles not only minimize environmental impact but also redefine the riding experience through state-of-the-art technology.

Unparalleled Adventure

The unparalleled adventure of electric off-road motorcycles lies in their ability to redefine the riding experience. With instantaneous torque delivery and silent operation, these machines offer a thrilling and immersive journey through diverse terrains. From challenging mountain trails to serene forest paths, electric off-road motorcycles provide riders with a unique blend of freedom, excitement, and environmental consciousness, making each adventure an unforgettable and sustainable experience.

Product Specifications of Electric Off Road Motorcycle


The electric off-road motorcycle boasts an impressive array of specifications that collectively define its cutting-edge performance and functionality.


Powering this two-wheeled adventure companion is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, delivering sustained energy for an extended range on a single charge. The charging process is facilitated by a versatile charger, with customizable voltage and current settings, ensuring flexibility in various charging environments.


At the core of the motorcycle's dynamic prowess is an electric brushless motor, offering substantial power and torque for a thrilling riding experience.


The robust chassis, constructed from lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum, provides a solid foundation for the bike's agility and stability.


Precision braking is achieved through a sophisticated brake system, featuring disc brakes both at the front and rear, ensuring reliable stopping power.


The intuitive dash, equipped with a vibrant display, offers real-time information, including speed, battery level, and riding modes, while also boasting seamless connectivity options like Bluetooth and smartphone integration.


The suspension system, with its advanced front and rear components, ensures a smooth and controlled ride, capable of tackling various terrains.


Lighting the way is a high-performance LED headlight, designed not only for exceptional brightness but also incorporating features like adaptive lighting.

Collectively, these specifications make the electric off-road motorcycle a technological marvel, harmonizing power, efficiency, and innovation for an unparalleled riding experience.

Applicable Venues for Electric Off Road Motorcycle


Electric off-road motorcycle prove to be versatile vehicles suitable for a range of scenarios. Whether you're a novice rider or a seasoned off-road enthusiast, opting for an electric off road motorcycle designed for children offers a smart choice. Their lightweight build, manageable power, and off-road capabilities make them stand out in various environments.


These electric off road motorcycles are well-suited for grasslands and other outdoor environments. With their off-road capabilities and obstacle traversal prowess, young riders can effortlessly navigate through grassy terrains, climb small hills, and conquer obstacles.


Ideal for flat road surfaces like freeways, electric off road motorcycles exhibit high-speed performance and stability. This makes them perfect for quick travel on freeways, catering to long-distance journeys and everyday commuting.

Snow-Covered Roads

Adapted for low-temperature environments such as snow-covered roads, these electric off road motorcycles feature tires and suspension systems designed for snowy conditions. This ensures stable travel on snow-covered roads, making them a fitting choice for winter exploration and travel.

Sandy Land

In desert and sandy environments, electric off road motorcycles showcase exceptional off-road performance and adaptability. Their capability to navigate through sandy terrains makes them suitable for desert exploration and off-road racing adventures.

In essence, these electric off road motorcycle offers a versatile and exciting mode of transportation, making them adaptable to various terrains and providing young riders with a thrilling and safe off-road experience.

Tailored for Both Adolescents and Adults


Tailored for both adolescents and adults, electric off-road motorcycles are crafted to offer a secure and exhilarating introduction to off-road riding for young enthusiasts. These bikes prioritize essential factors including environmental sustainability, age-appropriate power and speed, safety features, user-friendly handling, and extended riding time. This makes them an ideal choice for introducing not only teenagers but also adults to the thrill of dirt biking, ensuring both safety and enjoyment in the off-road experience.

Environmental Sustainability

A significant advantage of electric off road motorcycle lies in their eco-friendly design. With zero emissions and reduced noise compared to traditional gasoline-powered counterparts, they stand out as an environmentally conscious and responsible choice.

Age and Skill Suitability

Tailored with lower power outputs and speed limits, electric off road motorcycles are specifically crafted for young riders. This ensures a safe and gradual learning curve, allowing children to develop their riding skills at a pace that aligns with their age and capabilities.

Adjustable Settings

Many models come equipped with adjustable settings, providing parents or guardians with the ability to control speed and power output. This feature empowers adults to create a safe riding environment, especially beneficial for beginners.

Safety Features

Safety is a priority in electric off road motorcycle, incorporating features such as sturdy frames, reliable braking systems, and user-friendly controls. Some models may include training wheels or low seat heights to enhance stability and foster rider confidence.

User-Friendly Handling

Designed with lightweight structures and lower seat heights, these bikes are easily manageable for young riders. This promotes a positive and enjoyable riding experience, encouraging skill development in a comfortable and controlled setting.

Extended Riding Time

Utilizing batteries with ample capacity, electric off road motorcycle offer a commendable riding time before requiring recharging. This ensures that children can fully enjoy outdoor playtime, contributing to an enriched overall experience.

In summary, electric off road motorcycle embody a harmonious blend of safety, environmental responsibility, and enjoyment, providing a gateway for young riders to embark on the thrilling journey of off-road biking.

Electric Off Road Motorcycle ODM/OEM


The electric off road motorcycle, a widely acclaimed motorcycle model known for its exceptional performance and reliability, offers extensive customization options through both ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. These customization services cater to the diverse and personalized needs of customers, encompassing aspects such as color, spare parts, packaging, logo/printing, and more.

Color Customization

Customers have the freedom to personalize the body color of the electric off road motorcycle according to their preferences. A wide array of color options is available, allowing customers to craft a distinctive motorcycle that reflects their individual personality and taste.

Spare Parts Customization

The electric off road motorcycle also facilitates customization of spare parts to align with customer requirements. This includes the choice of different materials, specifications, and brands for spare parts, ensuring that the motorcycle maintains optimal performance and reliability tailored to individual preferences.

Packaging Customization

Customization extends to packaging methods, accommodating the unique transportation and storage needs of customers. Various packaging options are available, providing flexibility for customers to select the most suitable packaging method for their electric dirt bike.

Logo/Printing Customization

The electric off road motorcycle supports customization of logos and printing to allow customers to imprint their unique brand identity on the motorcycle. This feature empowers customers to enhance the bike's visual aesthetics and showcase their distinct brand personality through customized logos and printing.

Through these comprehensive customization services, customers can transform the electric dirt bike for kids into a truly distinctive and tailored motorcycle, meeting their specific requirements and reflecting their individual style and branding preferences.

Electric Off Road Motorcycle of Details


High speed permanent magnet synchronous central motor

Frame 6061T4&T6 Aluminum Alloy Forging

72V 40AH Ternary lithium battery

Maximum output power


Max Speed


Cooling System

Physical heat dissipation

Front/rear wheel specifications

Front: 70/100-19 Rear: 80/100-19

Packaging & Shipping


Company Information

Changzhou Valtinsu Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which focus on intelligent transport products like hoverboards,electric skateboard, foldable electric scooter, and electric bikes.

Valtinsu has more than 5 years' experience in developing,manufacturing, and selling various vehicles.

All our products have the CE, ROHS, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3 Certificate.

Valtinsu has a very professional technique team in designing electric and power system. We aimed to design and produce the lightest, most convenient, and simple operated electric vehicles. OEM and sample order are also welcomed. We are willing to work with you hand in hand.




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2. how can we guarantee quality?

A:Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
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A:Electric Scooter, Youth Toy Scooter, Electric Bicycle

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