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  • How fast do electric scooters go?

    The fastest electric scooter in the world can go up to 55km/h. However, due to the strict laws limiting the top speed, you would never get a chance to go that fast on the street.
    The speed range of our electric scooters is from the commute level at 15mph all the way up to the performance level at 50mph.
  • What factors impact e-scooter top speed?

    Moter wattage and battery power are the most technical aspect of an electric scooter that influence its top speed. Besides that, other factors like tires type, surfaces, and rider’s weight influence e-scooter top speed.

    The rider

    The heavier the rider is, the more influential the motor needs to push out to reach the top speed. The heavy rider could exhaust the battery quicker. So always make sure to choose the scooter with maximum weight capacity way over your own

    The surface(terrain type)

    The terrain won’t influence your top speed if you live in a flat country and spend most of your commute through city streets.
    However, steep hills and bumps, rocks, and dirt tracks will undoubtedly slow down an electric scooter speed as the motor need to work harder to avoid the scooter being dumped or sinking further into the ground.
    You will need to find the off-road series scooters with a more powerful battery and motor built with quality frames and tires to handle complex and rugged terrain.

    The battery level

    A low battery level will trigger the controller to take into action to give less power to stop the battery from getting drained, so don’t always run the battery down to empty before charing it.

    The tires

    Different sizes of tires offer different abilities: wider tires boost the scooter’s ability to grip the ground that is widely used in complex terrain. Taller tires increase the scooter’s ground clearance getting it easier to pass over bumps and rocks but slow down the speed when riding up the hill, while short tires will have an effect on a scooter to its steep ability but lower down the top rate.
  • Are electric scooters safe?

    The electric scooters are designed and built for safety with many security configurations.

    These include speed restrictions, suspension brakes, powerful headlights for a good view in the dark, bright brake lights, and even side-turning signal lamps for warning purposes.

    And some e-scooters have phone holders to provide a safe hands-free ride.

    However, It is necessary for riders to obey the safety laws as well. Wearing a helmet is a must when riding an electric scooter on the road.

    Any earphones that isolate sound around are not suggested. You need to follow the traffic rules to use the lights or horns correctly and be aware of your surroundings at any time.

    For first-time riders, it’s better to ride in off-peak times to avoid heavy traffic with low speed until being a skilled rider.

  • How fast can an electric scooter charge?

    Different scooters can vary significantly on charing time. Some have to take 15-20 hours to charge fully. Some only need a few hours, like 4-5 hours.
  • What to Look for in an Electric Scooter?

    It can be hard to pick the right electric scooter when you have many choices.
    There are some key considerations to choosing a perfect electric scooter:

    Riding Distance

    An e-scooter with a 25-30km range is ideal for most daily commute riders. It allows users to go about an average of 25km in their short journey before they need to recharge.

    Top Speed

    15mph on a scooter feels considerably faster than 15mph in a vehicle, and many cities have recently enacted laws that limit electric scooter speeds to 15 mph. Hence, the 15mph scooter line is our recommendation.

    Motor Power

    All e-scooters will have at least one motor, while some more powerful ones have dual motors.
    250 watts brushless single motor is our most recommended, which is suitable for most users


    Weight can be a big consideration when carrying your scooter upstairs or lifting it into a vehicle when transporting. A lightweight model determines whether you can take it easily and frequently.


    There are three types of suspension systems: spring, rubber, and piston. The best system is the combination of spring and piston.


    For practical daily use, the e-scooter needs to be foldable, lightweight, easy to carry around, and store. 


    There are two types of scooter tires: solid (airless) and pneumatic (air-filled) tires.
    The most significant advantage of air-filled tires is to give riders a vast improvement when riding over an uneven surface.

    Braking System

    An excellent electric scooter should feature a convenient handlebar braking system.
    There are different braking systems: Front Disc, Rear Disc + Electric, and E-ABS Front Brake Rear Disc Brake.
  • What Is an Electric Scooter Controller?

    As a major determinant of the performance characteristics of a scooter, an electric scooter controller regulates the flow of power from the battery to the motor to control its speed.
    The controller gets input from the throttle and controls accurately how much current comes out of the battery. The controller also has regenerative braking on most scooters.
    That means when the brakes are activated, regenerative braking controllers can direct power back into the battery.
    Most electric scooters contain a single controller; however, high-performance scooters are usually equipped with two controllers to drive two motors.
    The principle behind the controller is simple:
    the motor controller is made of a processor that receives orders or requests signals from the battery, motor speed sensor, or brake sensor and gives a correct output signal such as to set the motor running at a specific speed.
    The hall sensors on the circuit board of the controller can monitor and control the motor speed.
  • What are the benefits of long-range e-scooters?

    Long-range e-scooters provide longer riding time with more reliability and convenience. And you don’t have to recharge it frequently.

    There is nothing worse than being left stranded in the rain pulling your scooter home, and no one wants to recharge their scooter after just a few laps around the block.

    As a result, it is worthwhile to invest in a scooter that does not require frequent recharging if you ride your electric scooter a lot.

    However, long-range scooters are usually equipped with a larger battery, which would increase the total weight.

    It’s a trade-off between long riding distances and easy-to-carry electric scooters.

  • What factors affect the range of e-scooter?

    Several factors affect range, for instance, the battery capacity, weight of the scooter, energy utilization ratio, temperature, and your weight.

    You can’t control many of them, but you can easily make sure your tires are inflated.

    Keep your tires properly inflated for the maximum range!

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