About Valtinsu
Valtinsu is a professional E-Scooter factory and exporter, specializing in electric scooter products. With 10 years of industry experience, we have become the top expert in developing and producing electric scooter products.
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The company’s success today is the result of the company’s emphasis on talent. We regard creativity and talent as the company’s most valuable asset. The integration of talent on a global scale has guaranteed Haidong’s problem-solving methods. It is the experience brought by the long-term accumulation of production workers that guarantees the quality of the products.
  • Clear organizational structure
    clear division of labor
  • High-quality supply chain system
    Precise control of quality and delivery
  • Professional product development department
    Solving professional product problems while exploring future markets with customers
  • Quality service team online 24 hours a day
    Efficient and precise handling of any order issues
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