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ATVs, short for all-terrain vehicles, are robust machines built to conquer challenging landscapes. These versatile vehicles offer an exceptional off-road experience, making them a favorite among adventure seekers.Our ATVs are designed for those who want to get maximum power, mileage, reliability and comfort from an electric bike that feels and goes like a motorbike.

Leading All-Terrain Vehicle Factory

We provide professional electric dirt bikes for global customers. By streamlining production processes, we are able to focus more on R&D and cutting-edge product design.Now our electric dirt bike customers have covered more than 50 countries including the USA, EU, UK, etc.

If you’re looking for an electric dirt bike supplier that is reliable and versatile, to promote your business or advertise your brands, contact us right now! Since joining the market in 2012, we have continuously sought out ways to offer commuters bold, beautiful and eco-friendly electric rideables that expand the possibilities for personal transportation.

Valtinsu All-Terrain Vehicle

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ATV Benefits

Advantages of Valtinsu All-Terrain Vehicle

Powerful Electric Motors 

ATVs grant you the freedom to explore remote and inaccessible areas, providing a unique connection with nature.

Easy to Maintain

The thrill of navigating challenging terrains and conquering obstacles is a rush like no other.

Durability and Build Quality

ATVs are versatile machines that can be used for work and play, making them a valuable investment.

Eco-Friendly and Quiet Operation

Built for speed and agility, sport ATVs are perfect for racing and recreational riding.

About Valtinsu: Your Expert All-Terrain Vehicle Supplier

We are the professional electric dirt bike supplier in china, has the 30+ years of manufacturing experience, and there are 1000+ employees in Valtinsu factory. Valtinsu supply electric bike,electric scooter,DIY parts, dirty bike,child scooter. All the electric dirt bike got the CE certification. And Valtinsu as an Iso 9001 certified factory. All the electric dirt bike has exported 100+ counties in the world. Get your best electric bike price today.


Valtinsu has a group of experts dedicated to producing electric dirt bikes and electric dirt bikes.We maintain long-term and stable cooperation with well-known battery manufacturers. We have the most core components, so it is not difficult for us whether you need OEM or ODM.Our OEM products are available in Europe, the USA, Australia, South America, and Japan. They are high-quality, competitive prices with a fast delivery time.We will give you the most professional advice and configuration options. Whether you are brand holders or sharing operators, we can provide you with the best quality OEM and ODM services.

Factory Show

Why Choose Valtinsu

What Makes Us Stand Out?


Because we are serious

China products are sometimes mislabeled as poor quality. We believe this is far from the truth. The low price does not always mean low quality. Each of our dirt bikes is produced under strict inspection in every step. Our intensive quality inspection has maintained a failure rate of less than 0.3%.

Because we focus on key parts

We have access to the core components- The motor controller and IoT hardware. That's the main reason we can offer premium build quality electric dirt bikes at a compatible price.

Because we are easy to communicate with

Our technical director speaks good English, and we often have technical video conferences with our clients. Everyone in Aurora Electrico works hard, and you always get the fastest response.

Because we know the market trend

We study local regulations, and as an industry source, we are happy to share market dynamics. We often give our clients advice on choosing configurations on dirt bikes according to the market trends. For example, turn signals and built-in GPS are two new and potentially powerful features for the consumer dirt bike market.

Because we know the technology

We are not only the electric dirt bike maker but also the solution provider. We are a technical-based company focusing on stand-alone and networked electric controllers. We've been writing a series of technical blog posts on our website where you can figure out almost all your concerns.

Because we will save your time on a project

Our home-grown hardware is so compatible with each other that you don't have to worry about protocol issues when managing your dirt bike fleet. Plus, we like and are used to communicating efficiently and quickly. Whether it's an ODM or OEM electric dirt bike project, you can get what you want quickly.
Rather Stringent Criteria

How We Make Our All-Terrain Vehicles High Quality?

Good Materials Only

We are deeply aware that high-quality products can only be produced with high-quality raw materials. We have always avoided using under-powered motors, low-capacity batteries, or weak brakes to make any electric dirt bike.


Well-Experienced Workers

They are essential parts of improving and maintaining high-quality electric dirt bikes. We often organize production training meetings, and we go out for a picnic or picnic every month. We are a group of an enthusiastic, warm, and loving team.

Strong R&D Team

Our strong R&D team ensures your new OEM & ODM project in less time at lower prices with higher quality. Defective products were avoided from the time of design. They could always design a dirt bike at an inexpensive cost with good quality.


Excellent Machines And Test Instruments

We have complete test instruments such as the motor performance test machine, battery capacitance tester, high voltage tester for dirt bike chargers, equipment to simulate the vibrations during transportation, and more. These equipment types are inspected and adjusted in every step of processing to avoid defective ones.
ISO Certified


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