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15 Mph Portable Electric Scooter Adult

The  etwo electric scooter is a small, motorized vehicle that runs on electricity instead of gas. It's designed for short-distance travel and is a popular mode of transportation in urban areas.
  • ETWO

  • Vantisu

  • 36V 250-350W

  • 36v 4A,6A,7.5A lithium

  • 36V smart controller


  • Customize

  • 25-35km/h

  • 120kg

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Electric Scooter Dual Motor Of Overview



 Electric scooters dual motor are an excellent option for those seeking a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. The Vantisu Electric Dual motor Scooter boasts a clever design that provides an exceptionally smooth and effortless ride. These scooters offer a range of advantages, including portability, ease of use, and affordability. Thanks to their small size and power, they are a practical and enjoyable way to travel around town.

 Our team has meticulously engineered our electric folding scooter to ride longer distances, last longer, tackle more challenging terrains, and ensure it meets all your transportation and commuting needs while prioritizing safety.

 Imagine to never endure jammed traffic or overcrowded public transport on your way to work ever again. Picture yourself cruising through city streets and effortlessly reaching your destination on your new urban commuter scooter.

Product Specifications of Electric Scooter Dual Motor

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The advantages of electric scooter dual motor

The advantages of electric scooters equipped with dual motors are numerous and contribute to an enhanced riding experience. Here are some key advantages:

Increased Power and Performance

Electric Scooter Dual Motor provides a significant boost in power compared to single-motor scooters. This enables faster acceleration, improved hill-climbing abilities, and better performance on challenging terrains. Riders can enjoy a more thrilling and exhilarating ride while tackling various road conditions with ease.

Improved Stability and Control

Dual motors distribute power to both wheels, resulting in improved balance and stability. This configuration enhances traction and control, especially during turns and maneuvers. Riders can feel more confident and in control even at higher speeds, which contributes to a safer and smoother riding experience.

Enhances Safety on Uneven Surfaces

When encountering rough or uneven surfaces, electric scooter dual motor provides better stability due to the improved traction from powering both wheels. This feature minimizes the risk of slipping or losing control, enabling riders to confidently navigate bumpy roads, uneven pavement, or gravel surfaces.

Enhanced Range and Efficiency

Dual motors can increase the overall efficiency of the scooter, optimizing energy consumption. By dividing the workload between two motors, each motor operates more efficiently, resulting in extended battery life and increased travel range. This is especially beneficial for riders who rely on electric scooters for longer commutes or extended rides.

Reliable Performance in Various Conditions

Dual motors offer redundancy and reliability. If one motor faces any issues or malfunctions, the other motor can continue to provide power, allowing riders to safely reach their destination. This redundancy ensures that the scooter remains operational and reliable in case of motor failure.

In summary, electric scooter dual motor provides increased power, improved stability, better traction, enhanced range, and reliable performance. These advantages contribute to an overall superior riding experience, making dual-motor electric scooters an excellent choice for those seeking a dynamic and versatile mode of transportation.


The main features of electric scooter dual motor

An electrical mobility vehicle, specifically an electric scooter, is an individual mode of transportation fueled by an electric motor, often operated through rechargeable cells. The following are some key characteristics of this dual motor electric scooter:

  • Battery life

The battery longevity of an electric scooter is variable and reliant upon the sort of cell utilized as well as the dimensions of the scooter itself. In general, the etwo electric scooter can travel anywhere between 12-30 miles on a solitary charge.

  • Maximum velocity

The highest rate attainable by electric scooter dual motor varies between 10-30 miles per hour subject to the model. However, most electric scooters comply with local regulations and possess a maximum speed limit of 15 mph.

  • Weight

The weight limit of an electric scooter can vary depending on the model, but typically ranges from 200 to 300 pounds. The dual motor electric scooter can bear a person up to 150kg. The weight of the electric scooter can impact its mobility and usability.

  • Brakes

The electric scooters dual motor are fitted with a rear disc brake and an EBS brake system, A braking system is an essential safety feature that enables the rider to halt the scooter swiftly.

  • Folding mechanism

The etwo electric scooters are built with foldable properties to promote convenience in carrying and storing. This attribute is what makes electric scooters a popular option for commuters who require transportation on public conveyances or storage in limited spaces.

  • Light

Many electric scooters come with a built-in headlight and taillight for improved visibility and safety while riding at night. The dual motor electric scooter also have side lights and brake lights.

  •   LCD display

The electric scooter known as etwo is fitted with an LCD display that provides the rider with vital information about the vehicle's condition. This display, which is situated on the handlebars, is easy to read and shows the scooter's speed, battery level, and light. The speed is presented in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour, depending on the unit of measurement in use in your region. The battery level is generally displayed as a percentage, providing you with an idea of how much energy remains in the battery.

In addition to speed and battery level, the LCD display can also present other helpful data, such as the distance traveled on your journey, total distance traveled, and the present mode of operation. The LCD display on the etwo electric scooter dual motor is also equipped with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to connect your smartphone and operate the scooter using an application.


 Folding Design of Electric Scooter Dual Motor

Electric dual motor scooters that are fashioned with a foldable configuration bring forth numerous benefits

  • Portability

The folding mechanism facilitates the ease of carrying and transporting electric scooters. This is exceptionally advantageous for individuals who traverse by train or bus, or have to store the vehicle in a restricted space.

  • Storage

The collapsible design permits the scooter to be compactly stored in diminutive areas such as under a desk, in a cupboard, or even in a vehicle's trunk. This feature can be notably advantageous for those who dwell in modestly-sized apartments or possess a limited storage capacity.

  • Convenience

The folding design enables swift and easy folding and unfolding of the scooter, which can prove to be valuable when transitioning between riding and walking or when navigating through narrow passageways.

  • Security

When the scooter is not being utilized, it can be effortlessly folded and carried along, which diminishes the likelihood of theft or damage.

  • Versatility

Certain electric scooters with foldable designs can be operated in both seated and standing positions, providing the rider with more pliability and comfort.


Electric Scooter Dual Motor ODM/OEM

Customized Color

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we offer the option to customize the color of the electric scooter. This allows our clients to personalize their scooters and create a unique look that aligns with their brand or personal preferences.

Single or Dual Headlights

Another feature that can be customized is the headlights of the dual motor electric scooter. Depending on the requirements and preferences, clients can choose between a single or dual headlight setup. Dual headlights provide improved visibility and safety, especially during nighttime rides.

Internal Battery

Our OEM/OEM service also allows clients to choose the type of battery configuration for their electric scooters. An internal battery is a popular option as it offers a sleek and integrated design. This type of battery is housed within the scooter, providing a clean and minimalist appearance.

By offering customizability in color, headlights, and battery configuration, our electric scooter OEM/OEM service enables clients to create products that cater to specific market demands and their own brand identity. It ensures that the scooters are tailored to meet individual preferences and desired specifications.

 Other pictures of electric scooter dual motor

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Electric Scooter Dual Motor of Details


36V 250-350W


36V smart controller


36V6.0AH lithium batter


Aluminium allo


8inch solid

Speed meter

Large LCD speed meter

Charge time



AC 110-220/240V,50-60HZ

Max speed

20-25km/h adjustable


ABS electronic brake + rear foot fender brak

Max load





F/R lights



Packaging & Shipping


Company Information

Changzhou Valtinsu Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which focus on intelligent transport products like hoverboards,electric skateboard, foldable electric scooter, and electric bikes.

Valtinsu has more than 5 years' experience in developing,manufacturing, and selling various vehicles.

All our products have the CE, ROHS, FCC, MSDS, UN38.3 Certificate.

Valtinsu has a very professional technique team in designing electric and power system. We aimed to design and produce the lightest, most convenient, and simple operated electric vehicles. OEM and sample order are also welcomed. We are willing to work with you hand in hand.




1. who are we?

A:We are based in Jiangsu, China, start from 2015,sell to Eastern Europe(45.00%),North America(44.00%),Western Europe(6.00%),Domestic Market(5.00%). There are total about 51-100 people in our office.

2. how can we guarantee quality?

A:Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3.what can you buy from us?

A:Electric Scooter, Youth Toy Scooter, Electric Bicycle

4. why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

A:supply products with competitive price and service to improve and simplify the life of worldwide customers. With a complete set of facility, perfect quality insurance system and advanced testing method, we have experienced designers, engineers and workers.

5. what services can we provide?

A:Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,FAS,CIP,FCA,CPT,DEQ,DDP,DDU,Express Delivery,DAF,DES;
Accepted Payment Currency:USD,EUR,JPY,CAD,AUD,HKD,GBP,CNY,CHF;
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